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Frequently Asked Questions


Christian Science is a world-wide Christian denomination based on the teachings of Christ Jesus and the inspired word of the Bible.  Christian Science enables us to understand our relationship to a loving God and our relationship to each other.  This understanding improves our lives, our communities, and our world.  The founder of Christian Science is Mary Baker Eddy, whose book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, is used by many to improve and enrich their lives.

Is Christian Science related to Scientology?

No, it is a Bible-based religion that follows the teachings of Christ Jesus.

Do Christian Scientists go to doctors?

It is up to the individual, but Christian Scientists strive to rely on God as their number one source of health care.

Can Christian Science be mixed with drugs?

It is based on the total power of God, Spirit.  A system based on Spirit as the only power cannot be mixed with other systems, such as medication, that involve a matter based method.

How effective is this system?

It has been remarkably effective for generations.  See testimonies in any of the Christian Science periodicals.

What would you do if you broke a bone?

Some may have a doctor set the bone, but many have seen bones set and mended by scientific prayer alone.

Is this faith healing?

Not in the popular view of faith healing, nor is it positive thinking, nor self-hypnosis.  Of course, Bible-based healing naturally calls for a measure of faith, and in addition, a science requires understanding and proof.

Is Christian Science primarily a health care system?

No, Christian Science enables us to see the truth taught and demonstrated by Jesus and his disciples, and by many others in the Bible.  This Science shows how we can do what they did by bringing the good of God, Love to every aspect of life.  This certainly includes healing of physical ills, but also the healing of sin and other difficulties.

Where can I learn more of what you teach about heaven and hell, atonement, baptism, communion, Christ Jesus, and other theological questions?

The complete explanation of Christian Science is found in Science and Health.  It is available to read, borrow or purchase at any Christian Science Reading Room.

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