Mary Baker Eddy

"Love fulfils the law of Christian Science..."

Mary Baker Eddy

Mary Baker Eddy was born in Bow, New Hampshire in 1821.  As the daughter of two devout Christians, she was taught to love God and revere the Bible.  But due to frail health as a child, she was often bed-ridden.  She developed a deep yearning to find an understanding of God that would be a relief to herself and others.

In 1866, she experienced a life-threatening fall, and in these moments of desperation, she turned to The Bible, as she had done throughout her life.  She got a glorious glimpse of the scientific method behind Jesus' healing of a lame man, and she rose out of bed, healed.  She spent the next several years searching the Scriptures for a deeper understanding of how God had provided for such a radical improvement in her health and happiness. 

Because this healing came through the demonstration of an ever-present Divine Principle, Love, she named her discovery Christian Science. She wrote her discovery of Christian Science in a book titled Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, and went on to dedicate the rest of her life to both healing and teaching this system of Divine Science.

Some of her many accomplishments include starting a world-wide religion, founding the Christian Science Journal, Sentinel, and Herald, and starting the award-winning news publication, The Christian Science Monitor.

The following books tell the story of her life, and offer many experiences of healing.  They can be found in any Christian Science Reading Room.

A World More Bright: The Life of Mary Baker Eddy offers an engaging portrait of this bold Christian pioneer and her undaunted search for truth.


Mary Baker Eddy: Christian Healer focuses on spiritual healing.  This book includes all of the hundreds of Mrs. Eddy’s documented healings throughout her life and puts the other aspects of her life and accomplishments in that context.

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